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Market Research

A detailed Analysis of the current BI-Software Landscape with all relevant tools.  With a free guide on how to improve data collaboration

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What's Inside Your Market Research

Instructional Guide

Comparison of Most Famous Self-Service BI-Tools

Evaluation of Data Collaboration Today

5 Points to Improve Your Data Collaboration

Have you ever wondered why your big-data initiatives don't fly?

The fact is that in recent years almost every company has tried to pick up the trend from Silicon Valley and siphon off unused gold from their corporate data. In order to achieve this, self-service BI tools and data science expertise were purchased. However, even today, only a small fraction of all big data initiatives make it into the daily business of companies as real value-added drivers. The reason for this lies especially in the way people work with data. We played detective and came across something with our tracking nose. We share these insights with you in our market analysis.

These insights will help you to make your next big-data initative fly and also add overall value to your company.

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