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data collaboration

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Next Level Data Collaboration

Empower your company with instant, simple and true data collaboration without the need of dashboarding, power users and complicated technical requirements.

Gain more insights, include everyone and continuously improve

Start working smarter


Bring together your IT and business profiles - efficiently


detective process chart. Bring IT and Business experts together without dashboards or coding skills. Collaborate on data in a matter of minutes and start to gather insights
Start a
Collect all
Reuse results instantly

Set up your workspace in a matter of a click and spin up the data you want to talk about.  Drag & drop a file or live-connection to a database or data lake in no time.

Collaborate on your data in real time. Create a conversation thread by filtering, visualizing and commenting on your data as you move along.  Its  always up to date but nothing is set in stone. Rearrange your thread as you learn from one another.

Take advantage of what has been discussed way beyond the end of the conversation. Export your data story into a bespoke presentation format, export any data view or retrieve the code behind. It is all about re-usability .

Simplify data access

Drag 'n' Drop from your database or data-lake without any efforts. detective acts as an access layer to your data sources to provide easy access for every stakeholder of your data.

Resolve questions without code

Technical skill shouldn't block anyone from building awesome data products, gaining insights or sharing knowledge about data. With detective you won't need any SQL skill operate on Big-Data. So everyone can communicate on the same level of depth.

Communicate without limits

Sometimes you need more than a dashboard or a table. You need to draw, to include other documents or to make notes. With detective you'll enjoy the full empowerment of creativity and analytical correctness to collaborate together in real-time. Make your data project a success with better collaboration.



Retain data sovereignty

Because it is yours.




Drastically simplify contact with data

Avoid unproductive migrations

What if we told you that you didn't have to spend time and money on data pipelines, dashboards, feature requests or SQL queries to talk about mission critical data effectively?

Get started with detective

Get a first impression and gain some first hands-on experience.


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Get the Big Picture

And capture expert knowledge.
Central Knowledge Hub
Automated Topic Map

Create a huge, searchable and central knowledge data platform by doing what you do anyway - collaboration without further doing.

Identify your data experts, get a summary of whiteboards and topic clusters of related discussions in a fully automated form right from detective.


Turn your collaboration
into innovation

Learn how you can improve.

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detective for enterprises

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